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Inventory Optimisation Unveiled: Why ABC Analysis is Your Key to Success


Join us in this enlightening session as we explore how ABC Analysis can revolutionise your inventory practices and pave the way for enhanced profitability. 


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

14:30-15:15 PM (GMT+0) - UK & Iceland
15:30-16:15 PM (GMT+1) - Nordics & Central Europe


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What will you learn?







  • Understand the ABC Analysis framework and its significance in inventory management.

  • Discover how to categorise your inventory items for optimal prioritization. 

  • Learn practical strategies to streamline inventory, reduce carrying costs, and minimise stockouts.

  • Gain insights into real-world success stories where ABC Analysis has driven remarkable improvements.


In detail


Join our webinar on September 27th to learn all about ABC Analysis and why we at AGR believe it is the key to understanding the value it can bring to your business.


At AGR, we find businesses struggling with supply chain analysis and are always looking for ways to improve their inventory management. Certainly, this is where we can assist utilising our advanced inventory optimisation software but there are ways to better manage your stock which can be simple and affordable, ABC Analysis is just one of these useful tools that we are going to talk about in this webinar. 


Simply put, Pareto’s law is focusing on what really matters to get the best outcome. Within the Supply Chain, it is about classifying the few items that will make the most of your business – these are A products. The many items that make a small part of your business are classed as C items with B sitting in-between. Within the AGR software, we automatically calculate the ABC classification to drive a better stocking policy which can be run across multi-dimensional criteria.


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During this webinar our talented supply chain team are going to explain exactly what ABC is, the value it can bring to your supply chain and how you can apply this in your business with a simple excel template courtesy of AGR, all completely free!


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